★ ~sales time~★

Some pics of my sales over there~ Please, take a look <3

Prisila bi-color wig~ 40 € ♥
it can be styled with a curling iron or a straightner~


worn by me~


stock photo~

Bodyline fruits Parlor replica skirt~ 35 € ~♥
Bought on auction and never worn~
I think it's a japanese M size and it's smaller than the normal size on bodyline website. It has the shirring on the back and can be stretched approximately up to 67 cm on waist~


Ap Fruits Parlor headbow~ 20 € ♥

Criminal damage t-shirt with a mean unicorn MLP ~ 20 € ♥
(worn 2 times) Size S/M



Banana fish t-shirt with cute little rhinestones~ 15 €
(bought second hand, worn once)
The colour is a deep dark sort of magenta-hot-pink
Size= S/M




Thank you ♥
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♪ New new new graphic for Cute Can Kill ! ! ♪

Finally we finished to work at the new graphic for Cute Can Kill and we're so happyy! > w <  

It's so fairy inspired now and reflects much more the stuff we love to make and our style *O*

Here you can see it: www.cutecankill.com 

I've an exciting news too.. We're going to do an english shopping page for foreign customers!

Now we started a new contest  called  "Draw and win you Cck creation!" 
Maybe I will extend it to foreign customers  too!  

Kisses from the cute killerZ

~ ♫ Some Spank lover thougths~

Many things happened lately but the most important is: my faboulos trip to tokyo~ ; 3 ;
It's been awesome, really... I stayed one month and I never, never wanted to come back to my country

I had the chance to meet beautiful people there, I miss them so much~♥ One of the place I loved most was the Takeshita dori street, not uncommon I know, but I figured out that is really my dream place, I loved to see girls, guys, dressed up in various styles (me too, obviously XD) , my dream shops all around and so real ;O;

Now I'm back home and I miss those places so much, sometimes I cried.. Each single place was so special, karaoke giant palaces, the million lights and skyscrapers of Shinjuku, quiet and magical woods in the centre of Tokyo, the beautiful temples and spiritual places, the extremely kindless of everyone, in every shop we went to, the cute loli you were used to see in the streets, the lovely spank girls, the cute school girls in uniform, the japanese people....their efficiently and functional way to do every single thing, the coloured and superfull supermarkets, the various combini, the very shiny and brigth sunlight... Yeah, I'm so sad to have left all..
Probably I'll never cure myself by this nostalgia ; w ;

Anyway... I had the opportunity to know some spank! shop girls staff and I fell in love with them... This style reflects myself completely.. I am used to collect vintage toys and stuff since many years, so, I love to wear it too, find some strange used clothings and doing outfits in that way~
Here is a pic of me wearing some Spank! and Cck accessories just some days ago~


♡ So indefinitely sad

Etchuuu! > A < I'm sick. Every fucking day. I can't resist anymore ; _ ; damned damned cold..!
But here I am and I won't to give up! è _ é/ So, I'm very busy these days cause I have to draw, draw, draw, draw some texture boards I have to take finished to school. ._. I am attend a three-year illustration course, cool, my dream course, professional and really good but... I've not time, never! How is it possible? ù_u
My hand-made brand take me off so much time so I run, run and I forgot everything.. I have to make something like 30 cake box and every day I think "nooooo I can't do it I can't ;_;".. One month ago I made 60 box for Lucca Comics and Games and now I have a "little" refuse..♥ lol
Ok, let's work ò_ò ♫
but I want to post a silly thing before >XD
My sadistic love for cats is clearly visible...♥

with Love,
♥ >XD~

★ Cute Can Kill new collection ★

Hello~ These days I made a lot of new accessories for my hand-made brand and I'm so happy!
I was inspired by some loli dresses and series I love too much so I thought about how kind of cute necklace, bracelet or ring I could make to coordinate them (♫ __ ♫) I made a series called ☆ Cute Circus ☆ that features a little juggler elephant playing with his ball (• ' 3 ' )
The second one is called ☆ Candy Merry go round ☆ and features a little fairy pony in a sweet carousel ♫ ♥

☆ Some pics ☆

I really love the last one so I thought I want to make more ♪
My website is ♥ http://www.cutecankill.com
I hope to up some news these days~ (• ^ _~ ) ♪

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~♡ I'm back ♡~

Hello!! ^ - ^ How many time is passed by since the last post! XD
I usually forget my blog/flickr/myspace etc.. >:D But now I want to restart to use my lj~♡
These days I'm a little bit busy cause I have to ship some orders I made and I have to start making stuff for a japanese market on 19th...
I'm so tiiired cause yesterday night I had a shock and got so scared by a strong earthquake that caused many deaths and problems near my country..
I was in my bed at 6.00 am X(
Recentrly I watched Let the right one in and I fell in love..


It's a strange somehow horror film, i want to re-watch it again!


I'm lateee as ever! > A <
Come il bianconigliooo~
Good bye~
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