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~♡ I'm back ♡~

Hello!! ^ - ^ How many time is passed by since the last post! XD
I usually forget my blog/flickr/myspace etc.. >:D But now I want to restart to use my lj~♡
These days I'm a little bit busy cause I have to ship some orders I made and I have to start making stuff for a japanese market on 19th...
I'm so tiiired cause yesterday night I had a shock and got so scared by a strong earthquake that caused many deaths and problems near my country..
I was in my bed at 6.00 am X(
Recentrly I watched Let the right one in and I fell in love..


It's a strange somehow horror film, i want to re-watch it again!


I'm lateee as ever! > A <
Come il bianconigliooo~
Good bye~
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