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★ Cute Can Kill new collection ★

Hello~ These days I made a lot of new accessories for my hand-made brand and I'm so happy!
I was inspired by some loli dresses and series I love too much so I thought about how kind of cute necklace, bracelet or ring I could make to coordinate them (♫ __ ♫) I made a series called ☆ Cute Circus ☆ that features a little juggler elephant playing with his ball (• ' 3 ' )
The second one is called ☆ Candy Merry go round ☆ and features a little fairy pony in a sweet carousel ♫ ♥

☆ Some pics ☆

I really love the last one so I thought I want to make more ♪
My website is ♥ http://www.cutecankill.com
I hope to up some news these days~ (• ^ _~ ) ♪

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