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Etchuuu! > A < I'm sick. Every fucking day. I can't resist anymore ; _ ; damned damned cold..!
But here I am and I won't to give up! è _ é/ So, I'm very busy these days cause I have to draw, draw, draw, draw some texture boards I have to take finished to school. ._. I am attend a three-year illustration course, cool, my dream course, professional and really good but... I've not time, never! How is it possible? ù_u
My hand-made brand take me off so much time so I run, run and I forgot everything.. I have to make something like 30 cake box and every day I think "nooooo I can't do it I can't ;_;".. One month ago I made 60 box for Lucca Comics and Games and now I have a "little" refuse..♥ lol
Ok, let's work ò_ò ♫
but I want to post a silly thing before >XD
My sadistic love for cats is clearly visible...♥

with Love,
♥ >XD~
Tags: something to do
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